Respite Care

Respite Care

Caring for a loved one can be physically and mentally very demanding. It’s a role that requires 100 per cent commitment, and a lot of selflessness. No matter how committed you are to the needs of the person you’re caring for, you also need to make time for yourself.

Light Health Care enable carers to ensure their loved ones receive the help and support they need whilst they take a short break from their roles.

Respite Care in the Home – A Break for Carers
We’ve designed our services to allow you to recharge, safe in the knowledge that your loved one is being looked after by one of our friendly carers. Respite for carers can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks away from the role. So, this short break will enable you to return to caring feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our respite services see warm and friendly temporary carers go into the homes of people affected by a range of conditions to provide short term care. In over 25 years as a provider of home care, we’ve delivered respite support for the carers of elderly people, Dementia respite care, and much more.

Allowing someone else to come into the home can be a tough decision. There are worries over disruption to existing routines, and lifestyle.

Our short term carers recognise the importance of planning any temporary care. They’ll communicate with you to ensure that your loved one’s medical and lifestyle requirements are met during your absence.

Emergency Respite Care
Support for carers isn’t just there for when you feel like you need a break. If you become ill, or you have to go into hospital, you can call on our emergency respite carers whilst you recuperate.

Through our emergency respite services, we enable you to rest assured that your loved one will continue to get the care they need in their own home.

We understand that emergency situations arise with no prior warning. There’s often very little time to plan for emergency respite care. We have a large pool of carers, who are enthusiastic about the people they look after and the roles they serve, across the UK.

This means you can always rely on us to arrange for a carer to provide short term care in the home quickly and efficiently.

How Can Our Respite Carers Help?
The carers we employ are positive about what they do.

They’re highly trained and can provide nursing-led support when needed – from helping people to manage their medication, to providing them with mobility support.

Although these care services are only designed for relatively short periods of time, our carers look to develop strong bonds with the people they look after. With a person-centred approach to in-home respite care, our carers are also there to provide company and friendship, as well as day to day help.

Many of them have looked after their customers on a consistent basis at various points in the year.

Light Health Care’s Support For Carers
For many, a period of respite is an ideal option before considering more permanent solutions. It allows you to get a closer look at the viability of live-in care for a loved one. You don’t have to make a long term commitment.

As with our live-in care services, our respite support is tailored to a range of conditions – including Alzheimer’s, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), strokes, acquired brain injuries, spinal injuries and more. We provide respite care for elderly people and young people alike.

To find out more about respite care for the elderly, and the other home care services we offer, contact our friendly team of short term care advisors today.

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